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Total Rock Clearing brings together the extensive knowledge and practical experience of Andrew Carine and Justin Sciortino. Their combined years selling heavy machinery through Carine’s Merchandise and International Pipeline Services, has lead them to see the need for a Total Rock Clearing service. After seeing such drastic results from the Reefinator, on previously unworkable land, they have combined their efforts to create a service that’s capable of returning rocky land to top working condition.


Total Rock Clearing – bringing together the knowledge and experience of Justin Sciortino and Andrew Carine.

Justin Sciortino and Andrew Carine created Total Rock Clearing to help reclaim rocky land. Both were looking into offering machinery to break up and clear rock for their own businesses, until deciding to combine their efforts into creating Total Rock Clearing, a business that addresses every stage of the rock clearing process.

Total Rock Clearing benefits from the combined skills and experience of Andrew and Justin. Andrew’s experience helping clients come up with effective, workable solutions, plus Justin’s extensive working knowledge of their machinery, has given them a competitive edge in this new industry.

Andrew and Justin spent 12 months developing Total Rock Clearing, to give their customers the best, most efficient rock clearing tools. They bought the Reefinator and added a scraper bar to achieve better performance. Plus, they spent the year doing trials to achieve the best and most efficient results. This led them to discover the rock rolling option for the Reefinator, which provides their clients with a more versatile machine that’s equipped to handle all rocky land.

They’ve done all the detail work, having built up an extensive stockpile of spare parts and a wide range of rock clearing machinery. Now, Total Rock Clearing is ready to go hiring!


With over 20 years International experience in heavy machinery, Justin Scortino, the owner and operator of International Pipeline Services, now brings this experience to Total Rock Clearing.

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Andrew Carine, the owner of Carines Merchandise knows Agriculture. Based in Horsham, the hub of Victorian grain growing, Andrew has over 20 years experience in ag machinery.

Total Rock Clearing proudly use, and are the official Victorian
and New South Wales distributor for, the Rocks Gone product range.

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