Float Hire

Float Hire

Looking to get started with your rock clearing process and don’t want to wait for external machinery delivery services? Total Rock Clearing are now offering in-house float hire. We’ll transport all our machinery economically and on time. If you’re looking to hire the Reefinator, we’ll provide float hire to ensure it arrives when you need it. This eliminates the need to rely on third party delivery and gets the machine to you in the most straightforward and time effective way possible.


For your benefit

This float hire service is available in conjunction with a company owned truck and other Total Rock Clearing services. It’s designed to make getting the Reefinator, tractor and rock clearing machinery from point one to two as efficient as possible, to help customers get the maximum benefit out of our rock clearing machinery.

Total Rock Clearing proudly use, and are the official Victorian
and New South Wales distributor for, the Rocks Gone product range.

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