Kwik Till

Kwik Till

The product of thousands of hours of expert experience, if you’re looking for top-quality, high speed discs for tillage, look no further than the Kwik Till. It’s ideally suited for broadacre weed management, rice tillage, canola tillage and general irrigation tillage. Thousands of hours of experience have resulted in the top quality design of the Kwik Till. It’s built to last, with superior workmanship ensuring your work will be made easier for years to come.

Kwik Till features and benefits

What sets the Kwik Till apart from its competitors is the unique distribution of weight it employs. Even weight distribution between high floatation tyres at the front and the roller at the back of the machine results in an even working depth and superior seedbeds for sowing. Set the depth with simple hydraulic ram collars to enable an accurate working depth with minimum pressure applied to your hydraulic systems.

The optimum operating speed for the Kwik Till is 16-24km/h, and it works best at depths of 2.5-12.5cm. The Kwik Till is available in widths from 8-45ft and 8-20ft three-point linkage machines. They’ll get the job done efficiently and effectively.