Offset Disc

Offset Disc

Add the final finish to your paddocks, till and prepare your soil to a crop ready condition with the offset disc. It’s well suited to a wide array of soil conditioning tasks, achieving long lasting, quality results. Deep-till stalks and stubble, bury bush, level irrigated paddocks and chop up unwanted weeds and crop remainders with the offset disc.

The heaviest and strongest on the market

The offset disc is available with a range of heavy-duty discs that add the final touch to paddocks that have been recently treated by the Reefinator. The offset disc employs an angle that effectively loosens and lifts soil, tilling up to 9” deep to condition soil for new crops. It’s designed to achieve the top quality results you’ve been looking for.

Total Rock Clearing proudly use, and are the official Victorian
and New South Wales distributor for, the Rocks Gone product range.

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