The Reefinator is a newly designed rip and roll method of crushing rock for broad acre and large paddock applications.

Designed by farmers for farmers this revolutionary rock crushing machine will, at a production rate of approx. one hectare per hour, rip, crush, roll and flatten unarable country. Used in a multi process way the Reefinator will leave you with a 4-6” deep seed bed of mixed rock and top soil.

This allows future sowing activities to be performed with minimal damage to machinery and increases productivity by not having to go around rocky nibs and outcrops.

The Reefinator has proven itself to be the most complete, flexible and efficient stone control available.


The Reefinator offers a range of features and benefits designed to get results from your rocky land:

• Used in a multi process way with regards to passes, normally final result within 3 passes.

• Described as a horizontally opposed cheese grater for rock.

• Production rates of an average of one hectare per hour based on 10 working hours per day.

• Can handle most rock found in Australia; sandstone, bluestone/basalt, ironstone, quartz, mud rock, shale, limestone, laterite.

• Will not handle granite rock due to massive wear and tear.

• Heavy duty machine weighs 25t when drum full of water.

• Min horse power used is 400hp, we use both tracked and wheeled tractors.