Got rocky unproductive country?

Rock Rolling

Not ready to clear it but want to improve its productivity quickly and easily? Tired of thistles and weeds destroying what could be productive country? Rock rolling is performed using the Reefinator with the tines up. It allows for the rock to be broken up and pushed in to the soil. Working best with damp ground allows us to perform this work in the non-traditional Reefinating season. Roll the entire paddock or simply roll tracks on A-B lines to allow access for sprayers and fertiliser spreaders through stony country. Imagine reducing your weed burden and being able to fertilise stony country quickly and easily. Plus it’s super efficient. On average users are reporting covering up to 20 acres per day, while using little fuel and smaller tractors than traditional reefinating.

Rock Rolling case study

Clinton Ross at Moolort in Central Victoria has a property that’s 80% arable. The other 20% is rocky country that follows a creek through the property.

Over the last 4 years Clinton has used a helicopter to spray weeds, mainly verigated thistles throughout the creek country to try and gain some semblance of productivity for prime lamb and wool production. The average annual costs for the aerial spraying was in excess of $14k.

Clinton has a SP sprayer and wanted to use it to control the weeds through this area. In July 2018 Clinton trialled a Reefinator roller using it without the rippers down to simply push the stone back into the ground.

“The results have been amazing, I could never have imagined that it would have been so good.

Using mainly one pass, sometimes two in really heavy stone country, I’m going to increase my sprayer speed from walking pace to nearly 20kms per hour. And not have the risk of serious damage to the sprayer.

Plus we’ll have no need to use the helicopter again with it’s costs and inherent risks” – Clinton.